Publicity and Communications


Responsible: POM West Flanders

The Communication Work Package is an integrated part of the Food Port project - it supports the overall project aims and objectives. Effective communication will maximise the impact and add value to the overall project and its outputs. A Project Communication Team will be established between the partners, ensuring widespread communication on the project results and deliveries. Meetings of this team will coincide with the Steering Group meetings.

The Project will operate to an agreed strategic Communication Plan and a series of detailed annual Communication Action Plans. These Plans will be administered by the Communication Manager, designated by the project communication team. All the Food Port Project partners also have responsibilities for communication activities throughout, and beyond, the lifecycle of the project. The Communication Plan identifies the different methods of communication to be used for various target audiences throughout the Project lifecycle. The Plan also identifies methods of, and responsibilities for, all the Project partners in communicating the aims and output of the project, reporting back on their activities, and helping the Communication Manager deliver the actions identified in the Communication Plan.