Physical System Support


Responsible : University of Hull Logistics Technology Group

This work package benefits from the expertise within the University of Hull Logistics Technology Group, which leads the work package. It will benefit from university expertise on Identification, Location and Communication (ILC) technologies as well as sensor networks, energy harvesting, scenario planning/simulation and packaging. These activities will build on the work of the NSR projects Dryport, NS-FRITS and StratMoS.
Activity 2 will build on the work of the NSR Dryport project looking at consolidation centres and seeking a ‘close range’ project. In addition the interest of Norway in combining cargos and using gas-powered vessels will be utilised. Both Hull University and Västra Götaland region have interests in packaging performance and will collaborate within activity 2. These activities will provide the technical support platform for the pilot demonstration projects, which will demonstrate potential future benefits and a legacy from the Food Port project. These activities will run throughout the period of the Food Port project.

Relation to Food Port project objectives

  • Creating political and entrepreneurial awareness for the importance of efficient, effective and sustainable logistics.
  • Creation of  new partnerships for collaboration in food and logistics.
  • Development of technological innovation within food supply chain.
  • Establishment of an improved reputation for the North Sea Region as a dynamic 'food port region'.