Voka - Chamber of Commerce West Flanders represents some 17.000 companies, which generate 2/3 of the aggregate added value created in Flanders, and account for 2/3 of all private employment in this part of the country. Voka - Chamber of Commerce West Flanders represents 3400 companies.
Voka - Chamber of Commerce West Flanders aims at stimulating economic activity and intends to create an optimal business and institutional framework for success in the global economic environment.
Voka - Chamber of Commerce West Flanders contributes to the economic development of Flanders through lobbying and a broad range of networking possibilities and special services for business.

Lobbying: Representation of the interests of the companies towards governments, public administration, politicians and trade unions.

  • Promotion of the interests of member companies, at the local, regional, national and European level;
  • High-level contacts with politicians and public authorities;
  • Creation of tools and research on issues with a business impact.

Networking: Multiple activities throughout Flanders and Brussels for stimulating formal and informal contacts between entrepreneurs and politicians.

Services: Legal advice, training & seminars, administrative services, translation services, export guidance, company databases, etc.

Communication: Through our communication we aim to increase the involvement of our members and strengthen the credibility of our organization at multiple levels.
Printed publications: e.g. Bi-weekly magazine Ondernemers informing our member companies about West-Flanders business activities, trends and business news.
Digital communication via newsletters, websites, mailings, ... keeping our members up to speed regarding the Voka activities and actions.

Department Internationalisation and Innovation
Over the past 15 years,  the department Internationalisation and Innovation, the international division of Voka - Chamber of Commerce West Flanders has established a strong reputation of supporting the international activities of its member companies and today, we are pleased to offer a high level platform of distinguished speakers and experienced business people to further explore the international market and its multiple business opportunities. A wide array of activities ranging from business clubs, common interest groups, seminars, advisory boards, and various kinds of networking events are focused on bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs, exchange ideas, knowledge and experience, share best practices, assess and enhance the overall competitiveness of our members in global markets.
Our activities:

  • Promotion of F.I.T services (contact days, export days, export support, export indicators, missions etc.).
  • Legalisation of Certificates of Origin.
  • Issuing of ATA documents.
  • Trade missions: 2010 China, 2011 Brazil, 2011 Middle East. 
  • Training: country seminars, hot topic seminars, long term training.
  • Networking: breakfast meetings and dinner discussions with diplomats, ambassadors, etc.
  • Business clubs: BC International Logistics, BC International Food, BC International Legal, BC Sales Directors, BC Global Sourcing, …
  • EU and Flemish Projects: E-PLATfOrm (www.eplato.eu), Dryport, Food Port, 2 Seas Trade, East Invest
OrganisationVoka-Kamer van Koophandel West-Vlaanderen/West Flanders
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Project managerBarbara Geschier
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