Port of Oostende

The Port of Oostende is a versatile shortsea port in the North Sea at the crossing of the Channel and the Southern North Sea.

The port is linked to the European motorway system, linking the port to France, Germany and further to Central Europe. The rail connections are in place and upgraded: the rail link will be brought to the terminal at the Zeewezendok and the rail-bridge at Plassendale 1 will be operationalised in 2011. The port is also closely linked to the airport of Oostende, specialised in the transport of perishables.

The port of Oostende has diverse functions:

  • Roro-port : 6 times/day, a ferry leaves to the port of Ramsgate, connecting Oostende to the London markets;
  • Oostende is a passenger and a cruise port;
  • Oostende is a port for bulk and general cargo;
  • Oostende has many tools for redeveloping food port activities, in close cooperation with the fishing port.

In 2010, the port of Oostende realised traffic of 5 million tons, of which 70% roro and 30% bulk and general cargo.
Due to the crisis, the port of Oostende has put forward a revised strategy, including further diversification of its activities towards renewable energy, both offshore and onshore. A large investment plan has been made and new activities are set up, focusing on the link between renewable energy, windfarm projects and logistics

OrganisationAGHO (Autonoom Gemeentebedrijf Haven Oostende)
Legal statusAutonoom Gemeentebedrijf (public enterprise)
Project managerWim Stubbe
Phone+32 59 34 07 10
StreetSlijkensesteenweg 2
Postal code8400
Email addresswim.stubbe@portofoostende.be